Sarah Sanders Gets Kicked Out of Red Hen Because We Don't Feed Fascists


     Good morning everybody except those who work for the Trump administration.

     We at SDEL have decided to take a tip from the Red Hen book and stop servicing any and all readers with attachments to the current administration, this includes but is not limited to; employees of the Trump administration, both terminated and presently employed; anybody who voted for Trump during the 2016 election; and anybody who could have voted, but didn't vote at all - because your abstinence and inaction are complicity. All y'all may make a swift exit. The rest of y'all may stay.

     So what's the lowdown? According to a tweet made earlier today by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, some vigilante owner of a Red Hen restaurant in Virginia kicked her out and refused her service simply because she works for the Trump administration.


     Not all heroes wear capes.

     What confuses me though, is the reaction from the Right. Is this not the same political party that just weeks ago was celebrating the Supreme Court Decision that upheld a Colorado baker's "right" to refuse making wedding cakes for same-sex couples? A baker has the right to refuse his service to a couple due to their "choice," but when Sarah Sanders is denied service due to her actual choice of career, it's a problem.


     I won't say much but I will say this: Sarah, you're wrong in saying her actions say "far more about her" than about you. Her actions were completely about you, and not only you, but the administration you are the literal face and mouthpiece for. You stand on a podium every day and lie with a smile. If supporting a ban against transgender individuals in the military and defending the separation of children from their parents is you "doing your best" at treating people "respectfully" - bitch, do better.

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