Dear Idaho, Come Get Your Racist Teachers


    Oh, so y’all are messy messy.

    According to the Idaho Statesman, teachers at Middleton Heights Elementary School went all out this year with their group Halloween costumes. Half the teachers dressed as “Mexicans” complete with sombreros, ponchos, maracas, and fake mustaches. The other half dressed as “America,” I guess? Since American stereotypes are mainly abstract concepts like genocide, climate change, and forced occupation, they mainly donned red, white, and blue. The cherry on top was the DIY cardboard “wall” that I’m assuming Karen found on a GOP Pinterest board.

    The superintendent of Middleton Schools has stated that there will be an investigation concerning the costumes. I’m not sure what exactly needs to be investigated as the photos speak for themselves, but hopefully said investigation ends with 13 jobless teachers.

    Dear Employees of Middleton Heights Elementary School,

    Da fuq is wrong with y’all?!?!

    In the photos of this costume, I count thirteen staff members. That is THIRTEEN human beings with bachelor’s degrees and not one of you toadstools thought this was a bad idea. Apparently, neither did any of your husbands, wives, unfortunate looking children, or dogs, because none of them ripped that racist drivel off y’all before you left the house.

 Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

     An honorable “The fuck were you doing?" goes to the woman on the right dressed as a piñata because you kind of look like you might be a person of color, so I really want to know why you didn’t say anything. Honestly, fuck all y’all and fuck the colleges that gave you your degrees. If the purpose of college is to breed open-minded individuals then yours failed. On behalf of everyone who has gone $30,000 in debt because they were told that college was necessary in order to be an upstanding citizen, I revoke your degrees and personally order you all to take a class on cultural sensitivity and race relations in the United States. You’re also all fired.

     Case dismissed.

     Dear Middleton, Idaho,

     Come get your racist teachers. One apology from an exasperated superintendent does not a quick fix for institutionalized racism make. The fact that this kind of racism is going on in the workplace lets me know that your employees are undisciplined. People only do what they think they can get away with. If this many teachers saw no problem with partaking in such blatant racism, that means that you’re maintaining a workplace in which racism goes unchecked and tolerance is not a requirement. There needs to be serious reform in your school system. It needs to be apparent that racism of any kind will not be tolerated, especially something as unapologetically bigoted as this.

     If you had told me that this happened at some indie startup, I would be upset but not surprised. This bigotry seems to fester itself in homogeneous workplaces. But this happened at a public school, an elementary school, no less, which makes it nothing short of unacceptable. These are our educators. These are the people we entrust with our children's lives every day. These are the men and women who set the course for the rest of our children's academic career.

     And these dried foreskins wore this racist shit to school. 

     Fire these roaches. They're unfit to mold the minds of our future generations. Take a dip in the school budget, get some subs to cover their shifts, and hire 13 new teachers from diverse racial backgrounds and sexual orientations. 

     Get your shit together, Idaho. I'm fucking tired.